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Worshipful Master:   Br. Joselito Mateo
Senior Warden:   Br. Francis Fleeson III
Junior Warden:   WB Mark Johnson
Treasurer:   WB Peter W. Dewes
Secretary:   WB Ken Hensley
Chaplain:   Br. William Flynn
Senior Deacon:   Br. Norman Taclob
Junior Deacon:   Br. Peter B. Dewes
Senior Master of Ceremony:   WB Rodolfo Ruiz-Mendoza
Junior Master of Ceremony:   Br. Emmanuel Malasig
Senior Steward:   Br. Mark Lombardi
Junior Steward:   Br. Bennett Honeywell
Marshall:   Br. Crispin Gonzales
Organist:   WB Jeffrey Seise
Tyler:   Br. Bernard J. Byrne
Historian:   WB Steve Wendowski
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Constituent Lodges:

Joppa Lodge #29   (Dated January 11, 1854)
Ivanhoe Lodge #88   (Dated January 23, 1868)
Hope Lodge #124   (Dated January 18, 1872)
Haledon Lodge #169   (Dated January 24, 1895)
Easr Orange Lodge #169   (Dated May 25, 1917)
Alexander Hamilton Lodge #222   (Dated April 21, 1921)
Pompton Lodge #246   (Dated April 18, 1927
Ampere Lodge #268   (Dated April 18, 1927
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Together we are
Genesis Lodge #88


Free and Accepted Masons
Warrant Dated April 28, 1994.